Forest Highlands:

  • One Time Capital Contribution Fee of $50,000 - Non Equity

  • All owners pay the same monthly fees: $950.00 per month

  • Additional initial transfer fees are Membership and Utility Transfer Fees: $5,500.00

  • Amenities: Two Golf Courses, Two Golf Clubs, Two Pools, A full schedule of activities for children, tweens, teens, adults.

Flagstaff Ranch

  • Golf Membership: $60,000.  75% return when you sell.  Monthly Fees including HOA Fees of $189/month: $661.00

  • Social Membership: $30,000. 75% return when you sell. Monthly Fees including HOA Fees of $189/month: $589.00

  • Additional Fees are charged for Townhomes and Condominiums - disclosed on Printable PDF below.

  • Amenities include Golf Course, Community Center with activities for children, tweens and adults, Golf Clubhouse.

  • The Complete Flagstaff Ranch Membership Book

Pine Canyon

Golf Club Dues & Fee Sheets